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Client Story: John

John first came to the Samaritan Center four years ago when SVPD found him sleeping in his truck and directed him to go to the Samaritan Center for assistance. John became homeless due to his brother passing away and not having anywhere else to go.

John noted that the Samaritan Center provided support in many different aspects including case management and hot meals. When John's truck broke down it created significant distress as it took away his only safe place. The Samaritan Center was able to fund the towing and crucial repairs to John's truck! Most notably, the Samaritan Center found John a room to rent and assisted with the first two month's rent. John is now housed! When asked what is your favorite thing about the Samaritan Center, John replied, "The people. My caseworker, Brittany, and everyone is so caring and helpful." John mentioned that the Samaritan Center not only eased his hunger, but also helped getting his life back in order.

The Samaritan Center and his caseworker Brittany are now assisting John with navigating employment opportunities! Thank you for sharing your story, John!


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