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Client Story: Hal and Ramona

Updated: Mar 6

Married couple Hal and Ramona were evicted from their apartment on short notice after living there for 20 years and began living out of their car with their cat and dog. Both of their health began to decline rapidly mentally and physically due to their living conditions. Hal and Ramona obtained a Section 8 voucher, but were unsuccessful in finding housing.

In May 2023 they came to the Samaritan Center for overall help, assistance, and hot meals. They met with a case worker for housing and health resources and began a tedious process submitting applications to find housing. The Samaritan Center was able to connect Hal and Ramona with a property that accepted Section 8 housing. While awaiting the pending approval, the Samaritan Center placed Hal and Ramona in a hotel to provide relief from staying in their vehicle. During that time, Hal and Ramona’s dog passed away, which made the transition to housing seem bittersweet as they lost a member of their little family, yet were now able to live in a warm safe home. The Samaritan Center was able to help furnish their new apartment with decor, bedding, microwave, and a new fridge! The Samaritan Center was also able to provide funds to pay Hal and Ramona’s first-month’s rent. Hal and Ramona have been housed for three months!


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