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Client Story: Jackie & Rudy

Updated: Mar 6

Jackie and Rudy move into their new apartment this week! Their journey to transition out of homelessness is one of perseverance and unity. Jackie, Rudy, and her 11 year old son became unhoused after being evicted in 2021. They lived in their car, and Jackie’s son stayed with a family member. Thanks to the support of the “Schools of Wheels” program, their son was able to stay enrolled in his school and receive support.

Being homeless, Jackie felt depressed and as though they’d never find a place. Moreover, health issues were exacerbated in their extremely confining living environment. She noted that living in the car increased her anxiety. For example, the car would leak when it rained, and Jackie was also regularly scared for their safety. Their car also needed repairs. Jackie said that the littlest automotive issue was in fact immense because the car was all they had. If it did not work, they would have nowhere to sleep.

Jackie and Rudy became clients of the Samaritan Center in December of 2022. Not only were they regular clients and received the support of case managers, but they also helped volunteer! They expressed that the Samaritan Center was a positive and caring environment. Showing her initiative, Jackie also took parenting classes to support her son during the time of instability. Now, they are moving into their new home!


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