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Volunteer of the Month

Meet Shawn! Shawn is the Samaritan Center's Volunteer of the Month for January!

Shawn has been volunteering at the Samaritan Center since September 2023 and has quickly made a positive impact with the staff at the Center. Some of Shawn’s tasks as a volunteer include unloading incoming grocery deliveries, sorting and organizing food, and checking expiration dates to ensure all the food given out is safe and within regulations. Shawn also helps drive to receive grocery pick-ups from our community stores.

In his free time Shawn enjoys walking while listening to music on his 2005 iPod. He loves the outdoors and used to be an avid surfer. Shawn enjoys the people he volunteers with and takes pride knowing that he can help others in need. The Samaritan Center is so thankful for all the hard work and many tasks that Shawn does! Thank you Shawn!


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