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Meet, Miguel! Our Newest Caseworker

Meet the Samaritan Center's newest caseworker, Miguel!

Miguel is the third and newest caseworker at the Samaritan Center. Miguel previously interned at WOSMOH (Women of Substance Men of Honor) where he assisted foster kids and attended group home meetings. Miguel also previously worked at Star of CA as a Behavioral Technician. Miguel specifically worked with children that required special assistance.

Miguel is a huge advocate for children and youth in the foster system. His passion radiates from his own experience when he spent over 21 years in the foster system himself. He was placed in foster care at only 6 months old and is the eldest of 16 siblings, all of which were also in the foster system. Miguel had a tough upbringing with not only being in the system, but also having both of his parents being heavy drug users. He is the first person in his family to have graduated high school! Miguel also experienced homelessness at age 19 and lived out of his vehicle for 2 months.

Miguel applies the utmost care and respect to every client he meets. Miguel believes that experiencing homelessness may make one feel invisible to the community and he takes pride in helping those realize their worth and that the situation and hardships, one may encounter, matters. He enjoys lending an ear to every client to better assist their specific needs. Miguel stated that more than 80% of foster youth end up experiencing homelessness at one point in their lifetime and many don't know where to begin to ask for assistance. Miguel recently spoke and shared his own inspiring story at James Storehouse Fundraiser Event. Miguel believes in the importance of raising awareness for struggling foster youth and to those experiencing homelessness.

Miguel is recently engaged to his fiancé, Alice! Together they have a German Shepherd named Jax and a chameleon named Pascal. The Samaritan Center welcomes Miguel to the team and thanks him for all his efforts, caring attributes, and hard work!


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