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30 Year Celebration

The Samaritan Center found a home 30 years ago when Simi Valley pastors shared that many unhoused people came to their churches seeking help. At the time, Public Action to Deliver Shelter (PADS), a temporary winter shelter, was the only coordinated help for the unhoused.

Those leaders envisioned a centralized place in Simi Valley where the homeless could receive services.

Finding a location for the Samaritan Center proved difficult at first. Eventually, a home was found on the grounds of St. Francis Episcopal Church. The Center would not have existed without the support of the church and community members.

On October 1, we are excited to celebrate the Center's 30th Anniversary! Join us! If you're a business, please consider sponsoring the event.


Thank you to our 30 Year Celebration sponsors. Your engagement and support help make this anniversary milestone celebration possible. 




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